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I created the "Brumfield Library Doswell Branch" collection of images when I began my new life as a 24/7 caregiver for a family member. My images are Inspired by the amazing Chris Shapan and by mid-20th century popular culture and advertising art. 

Click on the image to magnify.

1950 Carcinnamon dessert
1950 Gastroleum Paint
Greasy the Clown
Ur-N-ade drink
Van Clown record
Music to make you groggy
Clapping to Music
Smearex food tablets.jpg
Maddy Genets plays Einstein on the Beach
Scalp Grooming Slurry
Smearex pressed mule loaf
Today's action Man
Smearex Mud Toad Bacon
Smearex Half Dome
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