1950s Kodachrome

My father, James Brumfield, took up photography in 1938, when at the age of 18 bought his first camera. Around 1947, he started buying Kodachrome film, which had been around since 1935 but he could never afford. He continued to use Kodachrome throughout the 1970s. After he died in 1997, I scanned and filed thousands of 35mm slides shot in Kodachrome, and they looked like the day they were shot. He was strictly an amateur, and was never to my knowledge published, but deserved to be. He just did it for fun.


These collections include vacations in 1947 and 1953, as well as models from the Waynesboro, Virginia Skyline camera club in 1956, and shots of him with his wife and my mother, Polly Brumfield.

All photos © 2020 by Dale M. Brumfield.

Yosemite Valley, 1953.

Graumans Chinese Theater 1953.jpg

Hollywood, 1953.


Redwood trees, 1953. Polly at the left.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1953.


James and Polly in the Rocky Mountains, 1953. Photographer unknown.

Redwood tree 1953.jpg

Virginia City, Nevada, 1953.


Reno, Nevada, 1953.


Times Square, NYC, 1951.


Grand Canyon, 1953


Near Denver, Colorado, 1953.

1948 JMB and HDB downtown Abq NM.JPG
1953 Man with Jukebox Albq NM haunting p

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1953

1953 Reno downtown.JPG

Reno, Nevada, 1953

1947 New Orleans street.JPG

New Orleans, 1947

New Orleans, 1947

Polly Brumfield, 1953


Skyline Camera Club models, Waynesboro, Va. 1955-56

1959 Waynesboro Main Street looking east

Downtown Waynesboro, Va. looking east, 1959

1959 Waynesboro Main Street looking west

Downtown Waynesboro, Va. looking west, 1959