© 2020 Dale Brumfield and HJH Media

© 2020 Dale Brumfield and HJH Media


An invitation to contribute to the definitive history of Richmond’s punk & hardcore movement, 1977-1985

In 2020, Richmond-area author Dale Brumfield and designer/artist Doug Dobey are teaming up with Richmond-based publishing imprint HJH Media, an imprint of Ingram Content Group, to compile the definitive history of Richmond’s punk and hardcore music scene, roughly from 1977 to 1985. The as-yet-untitled coffee-table book is tentatively scheduled for an early December, 2020 release.

This is to be a history written by Richmond, therefore the creators are reaching out to everyone who has memories, recollections and anecdotes about this Richmond scene to be included in this volume. We are especially interested in stories about individual bands, performers, the variety of venues and the out-of-town punk and hardcore bands that played in them. We are also interested in stories of any critical, or benchmark shows – for example, Iggy Pop at the Mosque (and the after-show at Benny’s), Ramones at the VCU Gym, Black Flag at Rockitz – that may have helped define and establish Richmond’s authority as a legitimate punk backdrop, as viable and dynamic as any other east coast city.


We're sorry,

Who were your favorite bands, and why? Which clubs did you frequent and why? Which particular shows are memorable to you? Who were some notable and unforgettable punk characters? How did you get your music news – from a flyer, Channel 36 Coloradio, Soundzine, ThroTTle or another source? What did the scene mean to you personally? What have you taken away from that scene, and does it influence you today?

We especially want behind-the-scene stories that may be less music-related but reflect the hardcore lifestyle. Were you involved in any “house wrecking,” or cook a neighbor’s pet? Did you build Benny’s stage? Were you ever “kicked out of the scene”? Did you hang out at Burger King, Marvin’s, the milk bottle building or the Village? Did you drive Iggy Pop through Hollywood Cemetery?


We want it all.


(please follow them closely – submissions not adhering to these guidelines will not be considered).

  • Please keep your submissions limited to Richmond’s punk and hardcore scene, roughly between 1977 and 1985. Richmond’s music scene was too sweeping and complex to include all bands, genres, and timelines at this time. Stories about other bands (without a punk reference or connection), or those stories outside the time frame, cannot at this time be considered. The success of this book, however, may predicate future volumes of other bands and genres.

  • Email submissions should be sent in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. In a pinch, include them in the body of the email. Hey, we’re flexible this way.

  • Please do not combine multiple or unrelated stories into one long rambling paragraph. Break your stories up into separate paragraphs preferably in one submission, or in several submissions if needed. Multiple submissions are welcome.

  • Photos and graphics (flyers, ephemera, ads, etc.) are especially encouraged, however, they must be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi. If no scanner is available, sharp smartphone pictures will suffice. Images can be submitted preferably as a .tif or alternately in .jpg format. Image copyrights must belong to the contributor. Images previously published in print, or in another copyrighted website or publication, or images not belonging to the contributor cannot be considered. No exceptions.

  • All submissions must include a real name (no nicknames or pseudonyms, please) plus an email address or website for verification. Credits will be placed on all submissions, no matter how often they appear. If a contributor cannot be verified, the submission can not be considered. No exceptions.


  • The publisher and the authors reserve the right to edit and revise submissions as necessary. Not all submissions may be used.

  • Written submissions (stories, anecdotes, etc) automatically become the property of HJH Media for publication in this volume only. Pictures and graphics rights are retained by the contributor as long as they held the original rights of ownership. Graphics published in another copyrighted publication or website cannot be considered unless copyrights are released or retained by the original artist or photographer.

  • The publisher will delete any digital submissions not used specifically in this book.

  • Submissions will be fact-checked for accuracy. Any story, memory or anecdote that cannot be documented or verified will not be included.

  • There is no financial compensation for submissions – just the prestige of being included in a pivotal archive of Richmond history.

Email all submissions to HJHMedia@mail.com.

Please write “Richmond punk submission” in the subject header.

Meet The Team

Dale Brumfield

Richmond-area author and journalist Dale Brumfield is the Field Director for Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, and is the author of ten books, which include the history of Richmond, Virginia and DC's underground press, as well as the history of the Virginia State Penitentiary. During the Richmond punk movement he was production manager and editor of ThroTTle magazine. His website is dalebrumfield.net, and his work appears regularly at medium.com/@dalebrumfield

Photo by Hunter Brumfield

Doug Dobey

Doug Dobey is a graphic artist in Richmond, creating brand identities and marketing. He started in the original punk scene designing record covers, t-shirts and flyers for local bands and venues, working in the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) early punk tradition. His work has been collected (usually un-credited) on various punk graphics websites and the Gingko Press collection, "Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement." His portfolio is at DobeyDesign.com, and his retail store is DobeyMerch.com

Photo by Rebecca D'Angelo.

HJH Media

HJH Media is a Richmond-based imprint of Ingram publishers and wholesalers. It is the proud publisher of Dale Brumfield's two novels, "Theme Park Babylon" and "Naked Savages."