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In case you missed any back issues of my email newsletter, here you go.

The original Armageddon News was a phony underground newspaper published by the DC headquarters of the FBI in October, 1969 for distribution at the Indiana University-Bloomington campus. AN was the third of a four-phase approach to “neutralization and deterrent of the New Left” at Bloomington, according to a memo from the Indianapolis SAC with the date redacted. By November, 1969 AN ceased publication, and in a December 17 recap a SAC memo boasted that the first issue was reprinted in a Bloomington daily newspaper, adding also that “5,000 copies were reprinted and distributed by conservative organizations at IU.”


2015's Armageddon News featured stories, articles and art about digital and cultural archaeology, the underground and alternative press, various government initiatives against the American counterculture, from 1950 up to today and anything else I came up with. Due to teaching duties and other writing projects, I had to reluctantly suspend publication of Armageddon News indefinitely - but you can read the back issues here!

Volume 1, No. 10

March 3, 2016

Make it Happen!

Long forgotten - and for good reason - Richmond's premier rock and roll magazine Richmond Scene Magazine lived a fast life before dying a richly-deserved death in 1984.

Volume 1, No. 9

February 15, 2016

Gordon Ramsay's Hell Block Kitchen

"Hell Block Kitchen" is a collection of recipes prepared especially for the 1100 block of Richmond's West Grace Street by Master Chef Gordon Ramsay. I am happy to offer a preview from this upcoming book.​

Volume 1, No. 8

January 30, 2016

Delicate White Songbirds

On January 11, 1915, four white gentlemen prisoners escaped from the Virginia Penitentiary on Richmond's Spring Street. They politely overpowered a guard, a night watchman and a prison shop foreman and bound their hands and feet. After changing clothes, they slid down a rope from a 4th story window, then scaled a 30-ft wall, making up until then the cleanest getaway in penitentiary history ...

Volume 1, No. 7

January 15, 2016

Special Short Fiction Issue

Frustrated, Roy wiped the dripping sweat from his eyes and rolled over on his back on the slippery tarp covering the plywood, looking at the Christmas tree leaning in the corner. It was strange and unsettling seeing a Christmas tree in a brutally miserable attic in July, but it was only one of the strange and unsettling things that gripped him since his mother died suddenly almost a month ago, leaving him alone in this house ...

Volume 1, No. 6

December 30, 2015

Canned Hunting

The negative press in 2015 directed at Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer for killing Zimbabwe’s Cecil the Lion, coupled with the recent pictures of wealthy Americans like GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, and Eric and Donald Trump Jr. posing with the sawed-off tail of a recently-killed elephant lying nearby displays the vulgar brutality of a dark side of Southern African safaris called “canned hunting ..."

Volume 1, No. 5

December 10, 2015

 Richmond's Bread Riot

1863 was a terrible year for Richmond, Va. The Civil War was raging and the Union army was rapidly advancing. There was a terrible explosion February 13th that shook the entire city and many thought the union troops had snuck in and tried to blow it up. Sadly it was the explosion of the black powder works on Brown's Island, where a large number of men and women were employed making blasting caps and preparing powder. Thirty-one women and two men were killed, and twenty-five women and five men were wounded.


Volume 1, No. 4

November 15, 2015

 When UFOs Came to Virginia's Shenandoah Valley

At 5:00 pm, on December 21, 1964, Harrisonburg Gunsmith Horace Burns was driving his 1958 Mercury station wagon down Route 250 between Staunton and Waynesboro, Virginia to his home in Grottoes. Near the entrance of the Woodrow Wilson Rehab center he was stunned to see a huge metallic object in the sky coming out of the north ...


Volume 1, No. 3

October 30, 2015

 "An Awful Death in the Tunnel Near Staunton"

Virginia Roncoli was a pretty 18-year-old who panicked inside Virginia's Blue Ridge tunnel at Afton – with horrible consequences. 


Volume 1, No. 2

October 9, 2015

  Under Obscene Cover: The FBI vs. "Louie Louie"

The letter from an irate parent in Sarasota, Florida was addressed to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy: “Dear Mr. Kennedy,” the February 7, 1964 letter began. “Who do you turn to when yourteen-age daughter buys and brings home pornographic or obscene materials being sold along with objects directed and aimed at the ‘teen age’ market in every city, village and record shop in this nation? 
My daughter brought home a record of "LOUIE LOUIE" and I, after reading that the record had been banned from being played on the air because it was obscene, proceeded to try to decipher the jumble of words. The lyrics are so filthy that Icannot enclose them in this letter ..."


Volume 1, No. 1

September 25, 2015

 Lost Arthur Godfrey Doomsday Broadcast the Holy Grail of Digital Archaeology . 

In 1953, as the cold war with the Soviets began heating up, President Dwight D. Eisenhower enlisted a friend, Arthur Godfrey, to make a film to tell survivors of thermonuclear war that don’t worry, everything was going to be okay. But the film seems to be missing …  

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